2015 Artist Overview

Cindy Baron

Sample Works

North Kingston, Rhode Island


Cindy is nationally recognized in both watercolors and oils, painting the grand landscapes of the western mountains and coastal shorelines. 

A native of South Bend, Indiana, Cindy now resides in Rhode Island where she is a full time artist and conducts workshops across the country.  Her passion for art led her to watercolors and in 2000 was awarded signature status of The American Watercolor Society.   In 2012, she became a signature member of Oil Painters of America, and is among a small group of artist that has received acknowledgment from her peers in both mediums.  A plein-air painter enthusiast and her extensive travels, have given Cindy an abundance of information and knowledge, which she shares with her students.

Cindy has become a highly sought after instructor.  Her paintings reflect the beauty that is found in nature, if you take the time to study the colors around you.  She can capture beauty in a blustering storm or the tranquil air of everyday places.

Her portraitures relay a story of human life as though they were family or friend.  The versatility of mediums, subjects, keeps her energized, excited and creative.   Her paintings are very much influenced and directed by the other.

Baron’s affiliations include American Watercolor Society- signature status, Oil Painters of America- signature status, membership in the prestigious Salmagundi Club and American Impressionist Society.

Some of Baron’s works are owned by Nike and The National Museum of Wildlife and she has been featured in PleinAir Magazine, Artist Profile, March issue 2014, The Artist Magazine, 1999 Profile, Southwest Art, The Art Collector, Art Connoisseur, Coastal Life Magazine and Big Sky Journal.